Senior Does

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May 2017


Purebred Nubian

Tested G6S normal

5yo: 89 VVEV

born: 2/25/2011

sire: The Yonkers Buddy Lee

dam: Lyn*Neils Chet's Maime


suninthebeeches cc equinox


American Oberhasli

born 3/20/12

sire: Suninthebeeches Dominie Dirch

dam: Suninthebeeches April Rain


esc-h Cool blackberry pie 1*M

May 2017


Purebred Nubian

Tested G6S normal

born 2/24/2014

2yo: 86 +VVV

sire- Hoanbu LML Calm Cool Collected

dam- Haf-Hidden-Acres Lois Lane



AW Goats Super Sage 2*M


May 2017


American Toggenburg

2yo: 89 VEEE

born 2/28/2014

sire: Togg Valley Farm Dusk

dam: ESC-H Star Struck Alien 1*M


Robin-Wood Godiva AM


Purebred LaMancha

born 3/23/16

sire: Kastdemur's Ain't Misbehavin LA: 90 EVE@ 04-05

dam: Robin-Wood Bourbon CT LA: 90 VEVE @ 05-03