esc-h champs onyx dream 2*M *For sale*

May 2017

March 2016


Purebred Nubian

Tested G6S carrier

born- 2/25/15

AI sire- Easy Stream's I'm A Champ

dam- SG ESC-H Supr Dreamers Kryptonite 1*M

Onyx is a doe that is slower maturing, having not grown into her long legs yet. However, she is a doe that is very level on the move, with amazing dairy character, and an udder that is high up into the escutcheon.

Onyx is available for sale- $350

linear appraisal

1yo: 82 VVVA


March 2016

Kidded 3/7/16: 2 does

Kidded 3/18/17: 2 does

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Show results:

WPDGA 2015 Show: (1) 1st, (1) 3rd (out of 9)

Erie Co Fair 2015 Show: (1) 1st (out of 4), (1) Grand Champion

cae test results:

1/22/16- Negative