Current Bucks

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ESC-H Beetle Juice


Purebred Nubian

G6S normal by parentage

Born 3/25/18

Sire: Pheonix Cheap Thrills

Dam: ESC-H Emoree River 1*M LA 03-04 89 VEEV

KBARC DDCP Keystone *B


American Toggenburg

Born 3/01/2018

Sire: Dairy Delight Charlie Phase ++*B

Dam: SGCH KBARC LRR Miss Modern Design 1*M ELITE LA: FS 90 EEEE @ 04-03

AW Goats When In Rome


American Toggenburg

Born 2/8/19

Sire: Welbian-Farm’s  Cav’s Maddox LA: 03-02 90 VEE

Dam: AW Goats Super Sage 2*M LA: 04-02 91 EEEE

Wingwood Farm Flying Aptitude


Purebred Nubian

Born 1/08/19

Sire: Wingwood Farm CM Atlante *B

Dam: Wingwood Farm Lovin Amicale

AW Goats JM Reuben *B For Sale

American Toggenburg

born 3/18/19

Sire: Lesniak-Hill MA-RI Resurgence

Dam: AW Goats A Girl Named James 3*M, LA: FS 85 (+VVV)