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For Sale:

We will be selling many of our goats this year. Cutting back is very hard to do, but with our current situation it is necessary. As Goats become available they will be listed below.


Doe kids-

Leia- Grade Lamancha doe kid born 3/27/16. Her dam has a beautiful udder. Disbudded, already registered with ADGA. Weaned and ready to go! REDUCED to $100 SALE PENDING

Jasper- Purebred Nubian doe kid born 3/7/16. Registered with ADGA. Tested G6S normal. $250 SOLD pending pick-up

Number Three- Purebred Nubian doe kid born May 7 2016. Dream Hunt Farm Lilly 1*M (90 VEEE) X Pheonix Pharm MM Satisfaction (86 VVV). Will be registered with ADGA before leaving. Tested G6S normal.  Her dam appraised at 90 VEEE this year as a 5 year old fourth freshener, and easily earned her milk star on DHI test.  Will be an excellent show doe or milker! We are keeping her two sisters and brother. $300

Number three




Avalanche- Two year old Purebred Nubian second freshener. In milk since 4/14/16, dried off 8/15/16. She would make an excellent home milker or show doe. Prefers to be milked by hand- refuses to let down her milk when milked by machine which is why we are selling her. G6S normal by parentage. $250

Freckles- Four year old Purebred Nubian third freshener. In milk since 4/27/16. She would be an excellent home milker or show doe. Milks well by hand or machine. Tested G6S normal. $350

Sunny- Three year old ADGA registered Experimental (50% Nubian, 50% LaMancha) third freshener. Easily earned her milk star on DHI milk test last year. In milk since 2/13/16, dried off 8/15/16. Easy to milk by hand or machine. Would be excellent home milker or show doe. She is a very easy keeper. $300

Aphrodite- Two year old purebred LaMancha second freshener. In milk since 4/2/16, dried off 8/15/16. Milks by hand or machine. Easily earned her milk star on DHI milk test last year. $200

Pickle- Dry yearling purebred ADGA registered Nubian doe. Tested G6S carrier. Placed 14th out of 16 at 2016 National Show. $200 SALE PENDING

Lilly- Five year old purebred Nubian fourth freshener. Freshened 5/7/16 with quadruplets. Tested G6S carrier.  Appraised 90 VEEE this year. We had a Nubian buck escape in June, and Lilly is confirmed pregnant. She will be due between November 14-22. Kids sired by Haf-Hidden-Acres SS Serrano. $300



buck kids:


2016/17 Breeding Chart


*If interested in a specific breeding, let us know*


Purebred Nubians

Florence X AI Woest-Hoeve Pika's Kryptonite *B      

Blackberry X AI Remuda Patent Pending *B

Onyx X AI Hoanbu LML Calm Cool Collected

Kiristin X AI Lakeshore ACE Razors Edge *B

Eryn X AI CH Haf-Hidden-Acres Clark Kent

Lime X Hercules

Bermuda dry for 2017

Jamaica dry for 2017

Purebred Lamancha

Indy dry for 2017

Selene dry for 2017

American Toggenburgs

Sage X AI Tansy-Hill Advantage Shiloh ++*B

Bailey X AW Goats Chocolate Moose

Peach X AI Little-Rainbow SKW W-C Cutter +*B

American Oberhaslis

Alane milking through

Equinox X AI Seraiah Farms' DT Eurymedon

Brandi dry for 2017

recorded grades

Bee dry for 2017


"Pickle" August 2105

We are no longer accepting deposits on kids prior to birth. If interested in a kid from a specific breeding, let us know and we will put you on a waiting list. After birth, a $50 deposit will hold the kid(s) until four weeks of age as a bottle kid. After the four weeks, a boarding fee of $15 per week will be charged until your kid is picked up. Balance is due before kid leaves the farm. Payment can be in the form of cash or check, but kids will not be released until check clears the bank. All kids will be disbudded and tattooed before leaving. Any kid sold without papers will be scrapie tagged. Reserved kids will be raised on raw (unpasteurized) milk from CAE negative goats and on coccidia preventative.

*Discount if kid is picked up by 10 days of age*

*Discount for children in 4H, herds on DHI test and/or linear appraisal*

Buck kids will only be available from certain does, the rest will be available as wethers. All registerable buck and doe kids will come with registration applications. Occasionally a doe kid will be sold without papers if I find a fault with her. I will also have a few milkers available after they freshen, and will add them here as they are available.

Buck service is not available.

Feel free to email or call with any questions.

August 2015