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For Sale:

Lamborghini- Purebred Nubian buck kid  $350

Gremlin- American Toggenburg buck kid $275

2014 Breeding Chart

*Prices listed are for pre-ordered kids only*

This list will be changing as goats are bred. We now have semen in the tank and will be doing AI on as many does as possible.

DOE                        BUCK                                                    DOE KIDS                               BUCK KIDS

Purebred Nubians

Florence                 Lamborghini                                            2nd doe $350                        $250

Lilly                          Superman                                               2nd doe $350                        $250

Freckles     AI to Golden-Wind's Smooth Talker on 10/5    2nd doe $300                         $200

Diamond   AI to Rimfires Olympic Gold on 10/5                  2nd doe $300                         $200

Scaredy                   Superman                                               2nd doe $300                        $200

Dreamer   AI to Easy Stream's I'm a Champ on 9/29          2nd doe $300                         $200

Strawberry              Superman                                               2nd doe $300                   wethers- $50

Avalanche               Cool                                                        1st doe $200                     wethers- $50

Blackberry              Lamborghini                                            1st doe $200                     wethers- $50

Dusty                      Lamborghini                                             1st doe $200                    wethers- $50

Elara                        Cool                                                         2nd doe $200                    wethers- $50

Purebred LaMancha

Aphrodite  AI to Ryan's Ridge LSM Gambler on 10/20          2nd doe $300                         $125

Experimental LaManchas

Sunny     AI to CH Altrece Dandy Tucker on 10/5                 2nd doe $200                    wethers- $50

Milky Way AI to GCH Marshmeadow Far Out Figment on 10/13    2nd doe $150          wethers- $50

*Autumn & Josh's 4H goats*

American Toggenburgs

Alien                       Frosty                                                        2nd doe $300                        $300

Sage                       Frosty                                                        2nd doe $250                  wethers- $50


Tater                       Cool                          January                   1st doe $150                   retained

Lyla                        Cool                           January                   1st doe $150                   retained

*prices may go up once kids are on the ground*


Kids may be reserved before they are born. A $50 deposit will hold the kid of your choice until four weeks of age. At that time a boarding fee of $15 per week will be charged until your kid is picked up. Balance is due before kid leaves the farm. Payment can be in the form of cash or check, but kids will not be released until check clears the bank. All kids will be disbudded and tattooed before leaving. Any kid sold without papers will be scrapie tagged. They will all be raised on strict CAE prevention (with the exception of Boer kids who will be dam raised) and on coccidia preventative.

*Discount if kid is picked up by 10 days of age*

*Discount for children in 4H*

Buck kids will only be available from certain does by reservation, the rest will be available as wethers. All registerable buck and doe kids will come with registration applications. Occasionally a doe kid will be sold without papers if I find a fault with her. Price for doe kids without papers will be determined at that time depending on the defect. I will also have a few milkers available after they freshen, and will add them here as they are available.

Buck service is available conditionally during breeding season. Doe must be healthy, no obvious signs of any communicable disease/sickness. I will ask for veterinary references. Service fee is $50 per doe. One free re-breeding to the same doe if she does not take the first time. Driveway breedings only. I do not currently have the facilities to care for and house outside animals separately.

All deposits are nonrefundable on cancelled orders. If a reserved kid is not born or is retained in the herd, deposits may be moved to another animal or refunded.

Feel free to email or call with any questions.