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KAI: ADGA registered American Toggenburg buck kid born 2/16/18. Already disbudded, tattooed, and registered. Recently weaned, on coccidia preventative grain and free-choice hay. Dam is currently milking around 12 pounds a day. Sire: Joheas-Acres Double Whammy, Dam: Sage. $250

ADGA registerable purebred Nubian buck kids born 3/25/18. Already disbudded and tattooed, will sell with registration application. Sire: Pheonix Cheap Thrills, Dam: ESC-H Emoree River. Their dam is milking around 9 pounds a day currently. $150 each.

2017/18 Breeding Chart


We are done with kidding for the year! Will update with planned breedings in late summer.


If interested in a specific breeding, let us know

Buck kids from first fresheners may be available Depending on how their dams' udder looks after freshening.


A $50 deposit is required for each kid reserved, and will hold your reservation until four weeks of age as a bottle kid. Deposits are non-refundable unless reserved kid is not born. After four weeks of age, a boarding fee of $15 per week will be charged until your kid is picked up. Balance is due before kid leaves the farm. Payment can be in the form of cash or check, but kids will not be released until check clears the bank. All kids will be disbudded and tattooed before leaving. Any kid sold without papers will be scrapie tagged. Reserved kids will be raised on raw (unpasteurized) milk from CAE negative goats, and on coccidia preventative.

*Discount if kid is picked up by 10 days of age*

Buck kids will only be available from certain does, the rest will be available as wethers. All registerable buck and doe kids will come with registration applications. Occasionally a doe kid will be sold without papers if I find a fault with her. I will also have a few milkers available after they freshen, and will add them here as they are available.

Buck service is not available.

Feel free to email or call with any questions.

August 2015