2017 ADGA National Show

Madison Wisconsin, July 8th - 15th

July 8th at 3:49 AM- We are on the road!

6:19 AM- Cleveland

8:45 AM- Our first rest stop. 

9:16 AM- We found Indiana!

9:55 AM- Cows. Just because I've never seen Indiana cows before.

2:13 PM- We found Wisconsin!

3:22 PM- All checked in but our pen appears to be missing...

4:52 PM- Finally have a pen!

July 9th 6:21 AM- View from out sketchy hotel room.

8:21 AM- Nice clean pen

10:47 AM- Messy pen

We had to check out the cow show going on in one of the other barns at the show complex. There was also a baton twirling competition going on, but we did not go see any of it.

5:58 PM- Dinner: potato salad from Walmart. It was not as yummy as we had hoped.

8:26 PM- Time to bake in our microwave. It is supposed to be a strawberry shortcake mug cake.

July 10th 4:01 PM- Autumn is helping show Nigerian Dwarfs for Kevin & Paula John of Udderly Top Notch.

7:50 PM- Autumn is still helping show Nigerians

11:16 PM- After a late night showing Nigerians, Autumn found it almost impossible to open up our jar of salsa. 

July 11th 6:54 AM- Stuck in traffic on the expressway on our way to do morning chores. Traffic that had been moving at 75 MPH was at a complete standstill. 

6:31 PM- Even though dinner was just across the road from the hotel, doesn't mean it was easy to get there and back.

6:42 PM- But dinner was well worth the drive!

July 12th 7:05 AM- Rain!

11:47 AM- SALAD! We were really missing fresh vegetables so we took a quick trip to Walmart's produce section.

6:00 PM- Autumn waiting to take Peach in the show ring.

6:30-6:56 PM- Autumn in the show ring with Peach and 23 other Toggenburg dry yearlings. 

7:01 PM- Peach placed 5th out of 24! Wahoo! We were hoping she would place in the top 15.