AW Goats

ADGA registered Nubian and Toggenburg dairy goats


About Us:

Our small farm is located in Randolph NY, and run by my husband and I who both work full time jobs, and my daughter who is presently a college student. As you can imagine we’re always busy, but, dairy goats are both a stress relief (there’s nothing better than a good goat cuddle) as well as a hobby that makes it all worth it.

On our small farm we make it our priority to do as much as we can to enhance the productivity of our goats. Even though our herd has tested CAE negative for years we still test for CAE annually. In the spring of 2018 we tested our whole herd for Johne’s, and they all came back negative.

In 2013 we had our first linear appraisal session, and after skipping a year to utilize what we had learned we began to linear appraise every year. Then, in 2015 we began DHI milk testing our herd, which has been an extremely beneficial tool that we use to analyze our does’ production, and in turn help make important management decisions.