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ADGA registered Nubians and LaManchas

Goats enjoying the wonderful weather May 2014

We were on DHI test for the first time in 2013. It is a great program. Unfortunately we will not be able to continue with DHI testing in 2014 due to our crazy away-from-home work schedules. We also participated in Linear Appraisal for the first time this year. It is something we both highly recommend. The appraiser was great at explaining how he came up with the scores for each goat and answered all our questions. Looking forward to next time!

We both have full-time jobs to support our hobby farm endeavor. Casey has worked at Fancher Chair in Falconer, NY since 2005. Check out their website HERE. They are a great company to work for! Dianna has worked at the Randolph Veterinary Clinic in Randolph, NY for several years. Both veterinarians, and all the staff, are excellent people to work with. It would be nearly impossible to find a more compassionate vet clinic. Check out their website HERE.

The kids joined 4H in 2012-13. Both Autumn and Josh learned quite a bit over their first year. Autumn did very well showing her Toggenburg doe Alien. Josh's goat Jaime, a Nubian wether pack-goat, was quite the character at fair but he handled the goats antics and kept a smile on his face. They will be continuing with the 4H goat project in 2013-14. Both kids decided they like Boer goats, so we purchased a pair of young does for them to show in 2014 along with the dairy goats. Keep checking the 4H Goats section as more info will be added on their goats as time allows.


All goat feed from Harry Austin Milling in South Dayton, NY (716)988-3331

Burton Goat for the adult does, Deccox for the doe kids, sheep & goat pellets for the bucks (contains a coccidiastat and ammonium chloride)

Loose minerals available to goats at all times

MannaPro Goat Mineral  We have had the best results with these minerals. The goats love them!

CAE testing done twice yearly through Biotracking

Check out the Biotracking website here

Autumn & Josh with some of the 2012 doe kids

First snow October 24, 2013